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MTZ / MTHZ- Marcus Harmonic Mitigating (Harmonic Sweeper) Distribution Transformer

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Where to use Harmonic Sweeper™ (stand alone or in parallel with Marcus MT/MTH models)

In commercial, institutional and industrial buildings

With UPS or special generator groups

Industrial rectifier

PWM drives for elevators

UV filtering lights

Electronic ballast lighting

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15 KVA30 KVA45 KVA75 KVA112.5 KVA150 KVA225 KVA


Product overview:

  • High efficiency harmonic cancellation transformer
  • Treats 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th harmonic currents close to the source
  • Available in either 30˚or 0˚phase displacement
  • Facilitates the application of the standard IEEE 519
  • Validated performance in the laboratory and on site (See Performance and Field Chart PDF Below)
  • DOE 2016 and NRCAN2019 Energy Efficiency compliant
  • Competitive price and compact design


  • Product code: MTZ / MTZH
  • Power range: 15,30,45,75,112.5,150 & 225 kva
  • Standard K factor, and dual static shield construction
  • Standard temperature rise 150° C
  • Primary: 3-phase, 3 wires: 208, 400, 480, 600
  • Secondary: 3-phase, 4 wires: 208/120, 380/220. 480/277, 600/347
  • Phase shift: 0° & 30° phase shift

Technical benefits and performance of Harmonic Sweeper™:

  • Cancellation of 5th and 7th harmonics paralleled with a 30˚ phase or 0˚ phase shift transformer
  • 3rd harmonic cancellation in secondary with reduced voltage distortion
  • Low no load losses due to WATT+ technology (wound cores)
  • Low impedance and good voltage regulation
  • 14% less supplementary losses because of the absence of 3rd harmonic in the primary winding
  • Stiff neutral to prevent "floating neutral" under unbalanced load conditions.
  • Efficiency standard NRCAN2019 and DOE 2016 compliant
  • K-factor transformer features low core saturation, electrostatic shielding and heavy-duty coils
  • 100% copper windings

MTZ/MTZH- Marcus Harmonic Mitigating (Harmonic Sweeper) Distribution Transformer
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