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• Buck-boost transformers are small single phase transformers designed to reduce (buck) or raise (boost) the line voltage.
• The most common example is boosting 208V to 230V for motor load operation.
• Buck/Boosts are standard single phase transformers with primary voltages of 120/240 and secondary voltages of 12/24 or 16/32.
• They are available in sizes ranging 50VA to 5kva.


• When supply voltages are consistently too high or too low, the equipment fails to operate at maximum efficiency.
• Anytime you have a lower than standard voltage, equipment failure or damage can result.
• Efficient operation of electrical equipment requires that line voltage be at or near the nameplate rating of the equipment. In order to match line voltage with equipment voltage,  buck-boost transformers provide the most convenient and least expensive method.
• Do not use buck-boost transformers to solve a fluctuating voltage problem.

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