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RET - Three Phase Epoxy Encapsulated Distribution Transformer [3KVA-150KVA]

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Designed to withstand the harshest indoor and outdoor applications, our epoxy encapulated transformers are completely enclosed in Type 3R enclosures and provide safe, reliable protection from corrosive atmospheres, hazardous gases, dust and moisture. For use in pulp and paper plants, steel mills, petrochemical plants, food processing facilities, breweries, mines, marine and shipboard installations. Certified for Class 1, Division 2 group A-D locations with a temperature classification of T3C, T4 and T5. Available with 4X stainless steel enclosures.

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  • Insulation rated for 220 C; copper windings have maximum temperature rise of 115 degrees C.
  • Wound-type cores made with cold-rolled coated grain-oriented silicon steel for superior magnetic performance and highest efficiency
  • Manufactured with high temperature electrical grade epoxy and sealed in heavy gauge steel enclosures to facilitate rapid heat transfer
  • Excellent voltage regulation limits voltage drop under load to ensure proper voltage for even most critical industrial applications
  • Rugged seam-welded steel cases are treated with conversion coating before priming and painting to withstand severe elements
  • Provided with lifting lugs for easy transportation
  • Available in special voltages as required

RET - Three Phase Epoxy Encapsulated Distribution Transformer [3KVA-150KVA]
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