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MEC - Single Phase Epoxy Encapsulated Industrial Control Transformer [25VA-2KVA]

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Operating Frequency: 60 Hz (50 Hz available upon request)
Insulation: 130 deg c Class B (25 VA - 750 VA)
155 deg c Class F (1000 VA - 2000 VA)
Sound Level:Less than 40 dB
Polarity: Additive

For installation in locations where exposureto the atmosphere could damage the core and coils. Elements are completely enclosed in type 3R and 12 enclosures to ensure safe and trouble-free service in damp, corrosive and suty locations. Suitable for use in refineries, mines, pulp and paper plants, mills and marine environments.
Suitable for Class 1, Division 2 locations

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250 VA350 VA500 VA750 VA1000 VA1500 VA2000 VA50VA VA


  • Laminations made with high permeability silicon steel for superior magnetic performance and optimal efficency
  • 100% electrical grade epoxy in rugged steel enclosures facilitates rapid heat transfer
  • All leads with clear labels are brought out from the bottom of the enclosure
  • Standard wall mounting
  • All units CSA certified

MEC - Single Phase Epoxy Encapsulated Industrial Control Transformer [250VA-2KVA]
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