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MTWPCD / MTWPCDH- Three Phase Outdoor Ventilated 3R Class 1 Division 2 Distribution Transformer

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The Marcus model-CD (MTWPCD) transformer is for use in applications where Class 1 Division 2 is required. It is designed with a Type 3R enclosure and is built to withstand locations with hazardous gases, corrosive atmospheres and airborne pollutants. Typical Applications include: Mining, petrochemical and pulp & paper installations. Certified for Class 1, Division 2 group A-D locations with a temperature classification of T3C, T4 and T5. The benefits of the model-CD over the epoxy encapsulated transformer is in its lighter weight and lower cost.

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15 KVA30 KVA45 KVA75 KVA112.5 KVA150 KVA


  • Insulation rated for 220 C; copper windings have maximum temperature rise of 115 degrees C.
  • Wound-type cores made with cold-rolled coated grain-oriented silicon steel for superior magnetic performance and highest efficiency
  • Excellent voltage regulation limits voltage drop under load to ensure proper voltage for even most critical industrial applicationsRugged seam-welded steel cases are treated with conversion coating before priming and painting to withstand severe elements
  • Provided with lifting lugs for easy transportation

MTWPCD- Three Phase Outdoor Ventilated 3R Class 1 Division Distribution Transformer [15KVA-150KVA]
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