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MTWP-SCR - Three Phase Outdoor Enhanced Dry Type Distribution Transformer

Additional Protective Mesh Enhances the NEMA 3R Feature.

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Ventilated, Dry-type transformers with weather buffer screens

Enclosure type 3R provides superior protection from rain, sleet or snow. Also suitable for indoor use in tunnels, mines and pumping stations where drilling and splashing water is a problem.

Restricts entry of blowing rain or snow without affecting normal cooling air flow

Lower costs and easier installation than sealed transformers

Lighter weight than non-ventilated and resin encapsulated alternatives

Perfect for open areas where exposure to wind, rain and snow is a problem

Typical Applications:
Roof Tops
Fresh water lake front docks
Pool Areas

Click on kVA listings below for specifications:

75 KVA112.5 KVA150 KVA225 KVA


•Easy to install
•Class H (220 degree C) insulation system
•Available in auto wound, drive isolation, K-Factor, shielded and special voltages
•Available in 50 Hz for foreign installations

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