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Marcus Supreme

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Marcus Supreme generates a minimum of 33% less losses than the regulated standards (CSA C802.2 and NEMA TP-1) mandate and meets the most severe efficiency levels of the recommended DOE CSL-3. This translates into significant dollar savings for both rrtrofit and new installations.


The replacement of an older, non-compliant transformer with a Marcus SupremeTM will result in savings in the total life cycle of the installations.

Example: Replacing a 45KVA loaded at 50% will result in a savings of $618 a year and of $18,450.00 over a 30 year period (based on $0.10 a KWH)

New Installations:

Choosing a Marcus SupremeTM over a new compliant transformer is the right decision.

Example: A 225KVA transformer Marcus MHE225A2 Supreme loaded at 75% will save $1557 a year and $46,710 over the 30 year life cycle of the transformer.

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•Qualifies for available government energy efficiency rebate programs
•30-year life cycle
•Offers built-in overload capacity for short term requirements
•Eliminates 3rd harmonics in the magnetic circuit
•Environmentally friendly "green" designs
•Reduces ambient temperatures in confined electrical rooms
•Provides less than 2.5% voltage regulation to sensitive equipment
•Fitted with connection screw-type lugs
•Rigorous testing ensures maximum reliability
•Pro-rated 30 Year LImited Warranty*

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